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Soo, I want a medieval-ish RP group (ya know like Skyrim/Dragon age/Arthurian legend, that kind of stuff), but after inquiring about it there doesn't seem really to be a good one around or nobody reads my journals, also a possibility :')

I have a vague concept and galestorm said maybe I could make a journal about it to see who's interested so that's what I'm doing now.

The setting would be a regular forest and mountain one, you can find in movies about knights and kings. Think Ireland, around those lines. Celtic and medieval in ways of how developed they are. In it you may find Two kingdoms. One is a city ruled by humans, the other are the animal of the great forest. Now the latter are not any regular animals, which also dwell in these lands, but sentient ones. They have been touched by magic, so many centuries ago and have since then distinguished themselves from common animals, capable of full speach as well as other things like crafts, tactics, culture, etc. Now the humans and animals of the kingdoms live on tense footing, though under some kind of truce. They don't like eachother, but as long as they don't cross into eachothers territory, they leave the other be.

Last part of the land is a part neither party crosses. It is the lost lands, completly shrouded in mist known as "the veil". Of all who set foot into it, nobody has ever been known to return, assumed forever lost.

As for plot I have not much yet, I'd need other people to bring in ideas. Basically it all starts of with the two leaders both falling in. The humans accuse the animals as an animal silhouette has been sighted, the animals on the other hand swear they have seen a human form nearby. The truce seems to be at risk for the first time in ages and tension runs high.

Character creation
You make your character in one of the kindoms. Either you have a forest/domestic animal (bear, fox, deer, raccoon, hog, etc. ; domestic is rare as most were killed off - either live in the wild or act as spy passing as a regular animal) or a human of the city. Rank system would need to be discussed, but again imagine a game here. You will have overall character level to develop as well as certain skills.

Open ends
Now obviously this is not something completly plotted out, there's much still left open like

- Ranks
- Character level system
- Skill system
- Names for everything
- Currency system (in-game!)
- Further plot
- etc.

Game-play should be easy, yet interesting and work via a honour system (like krosfox) that's only checked when neccasary. Everyone gain perks, items and such on their own time and at their own leisure. Very casual and hopefully not a major upkeep for those helping xD


Now main purpose of this journal is seeing if people would be interested in this, both to help and to RP. Characters to populate the kingdoms. Otherwise there's not really point in it, huh? =p

So anyone interested?

PS: Or completly not interested, please lemme know too xD


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