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So don't read if you still wanna watch without spoilers, but since it came out here so late I guess a bunch already saw it, so...:

It was so freaking sad :iconcutecryplz:

It's Disney so I was expecting Tadashi to pop up back at one point, but he didn't. Really I almost cried - which I as good as never do fyi - , last time my throath constricted that much was at the beginning of UP. I really never expected Disney to introduce such a lovely character, portray him in such a way that he's really loveable and then kill him off for real OTL

Aside from that cute film. Hiro is adorable, I like his goofy hair. Doesn't strike me as a 14 year old though, a bit younger xD

Also kinda strange cute that they made baymax so endearing when he really has shown no emotion, he's just doing his duty.

All in all I liked the movie, just not really what I expected of Disney. If you saw it, what did you think of it?

PS: Funny fact is that I named one of my animals Tadashi, picking it from a Japanese names list for it was supossed to mean "loyal". Maybe I should name one Hiro now to go with that :')

PS2: Also sorry for my epic procastranation (or however it is written), but my feedback messages stack quicker then I can keep up with. I really should stop talking to random people OTL I'm gonna do another one of those intervention weekends since that worked before - well before I got sick and exams hit that is - hopefully it will again.


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Name: Luna
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Study: Veterinary medicine
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After this I quit joining groups until some groups die :')

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