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HT - Application - Haru Akiyama by moonlightwalk HT - Application - Haru Akiyama by moonlightwalk

I forgot to submit this idiot to the group OTL
He replaced Noah

|| General Information ||

  • Name: Haru Akiyama
  • Age: 23
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 1,59m / 5’3’
  • Job:  
              Kindergarten teacher
  • Sexual orientation:  ???

|| Personality ||

[ Kind | Meek | Creative| Insecure | Helpful | Shy | Loyal | Dreamer ]

Haru is a meek, but kind person. He doesn’t like to make a fuss as he tries to stay away from public attention. Shy and insecure, he finds it difficult to seek contact with other people and he feels awkward in social situations. When stressed he tends to withdraw and spent time alone, most often indulging in his favourite activity: drawing. Art is a way for Haru to express himself. He spends countless hours painting and drawing. Occasionally he also tries other stuff  like writing and crafting. Another thing he does is writing in his diary, one of his most prized possessions. Feeling close to nature, he likes to spent time outside and with animals. His creativity is for a great deal inspired by it.

Though timid in general and a lot on his own, Haru actually enjoys company. Being alone makes him more nervous than having someone around. He also loves the thought of helping, which has pushed him to persue a job with young children, which he feels comfortable with. You will find he finds great joy in teaching them the basics of life, setting them on their path to their futures.

Haru doesn’t have a lot of ambition in his life. The few he has, he’s willing to fight for. He has no illusions about getting any breaks in life and has resigned himself to that. Never being the one to jump into something, Haru carefully navigates himself through life. While open to new things, everything is thought over and when found doable, things are cautiously tested. Suddenly being pulled out of the familiar, leaves him uncomfortable.

In the past Haru has tried to always keep an unemotional front of in public, not showing what excited and what hurt him. Old habits die hard and though he has become slightly more open, it's easy for him to slip into this state of mind when outside. With people he loves however he loses that inhibition, being very expressive. The only thing he still tends to hide with them is when they upset him. The easiest way to ‘click’ with him, is sharing one of his views on life. He’s quite the philosopher and enjoys long and deep talks on different subjects.  He’s very committed and dependable friend, being very grateful when people want to spend their emotional time on him. If he feels his trust was misplaced however, he’ll return the disloyalty. He’s unlikely to approach a stranger himself without a good reason, but will be friendly when one tries talking to him. When first meeting him, Haru may seem a bit hesitant to approach. This is because he still has that lingering feeling of being ‘unworthy’ and he needs some convincing before he himself believes someone would actually want to interact with him. Before he gets to that point, he just feels like he’s bothering you if he’d ask to do something with him or approach you randomly.

Romantic love and everything that comes with it is still uncharted territory for Haru. Spending most of his live trying to not be seen, nobody ever took notice of him that way. Haru himself is a little too shy to take the first step. Because he is used to spending most of the time alone, he daydreams a lot. He secretly believes in ‘the one’, but also is fond of scolding himself for believing so.


  • Art – drawing and painting
  • Making up stories
  • Music – preferably not too loud and with a nice melody
  • Animals and small kids – They are not judgemental
  • Summer – His preferred season. He feels most energized then
  • Looking at pretty things – can be anything: animals, flowers, humans, landscapes, art, …
  • Nature
  • Flowers – secretly, cause he’s afraid people will tease him for liking such a girly thing
  • Listening books – While he dislikes reading, he still likes the stories
  • Sappy cliché movies with happy endings
  • Cartoons – but only if they have a plot and are nicely drawn


  • Public attention – He keeps a low profile to avoid the disapproving glances and teasing of others
  • Cold – he gets cold easily
  • His height - Has issues with his height. He hopes he still is gonna grow a bit
  • Winter – While he loves the holidays and the beautiful landscapes when it snows, he’s sick most often during this season. The cold and sickness drain his energy
  • Dark – He’s afraid of it, after an incident that happened during a camping trip in elementary school. He has a night light.
  • Thunder storms – Thoroughly scared by them when he was little, now he gets very nervous. His father told him that every once in a while an orb of fire would form, that would scorch everything that moved. Although he learned these cases were small to non-existent, he never shook off the feeling
  • Reading – because of his dyslexia, it's too much of a pain
  • His glasses – he used to get teased for them
  • Scaaaary movies – he’ll watch when someone suggests it, but won’t sleep properly for a few nights

|| History||

Haru’s mother is a painter, his father works in business, gathering and interpreting customer data. He was born a tad too early, so he was a bit of a runt and he often used to be sick in his early days. At age two he was diagnosed with myopia. He would run into things and had slight problems with motor skill development. Glasses fixed that. His mother and father argued a lot when he was smaller and they divorced when he was age 8. The constant arguments had left him quite timid and after the divorce, he became even more withdrawn. Being held back a year in the first year of elementary school because of dyslexia, he was soon dubbed 'stupid' by his peers. His timid and shy nature, small frame, weird behaviour and his glasses, quickly made him the victim of bullies. In the beginning he fought back, but it would only get him into trouble with the teachers, so he stopped. Ignoring and becoming invisible became his new means of protection, but it only fully showed its effectiveness around age 12. They moved in with his mother’s new boyfriend, Takashi, then and he started attending a new school in Pawsville. The man already had two children of his own, leaving him with a little brother and sister, respectively 2 and 3 years younger. Enrolling in a new high school was a very nerve-racking experience considering he was put into boarding school by his stepfather, believing it would be good for the boy's development. In a way it was.

He stayed out of trouble and finished his schooling successfully, working to become a kintergarten teacher afterwards. The latter has allowed him to grow and become slightly more confident. He now has recently moved into his own apartment (courtesy to his parents) and works at the local school. Feeling lonely, he adopted a dog from the local shelter. Caprichi may have turned out a little more than can handle though. It's left to see if he's in over his head or not.

|| Relationships||


Bullet; Blue / Bullet; Blue Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; Blue Acquainted / Familiar / Buddy
Bullet; Green / Bullet; GreenBullet; Green  Friends / Close Friends
Star! Like family
Bullet; Yellow Admires
Bullet; White / Bullet; WhiteBullet; White Neutral / Uncertain
Bullet; Orange / Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange Want to know better / Like
Bullet; Pink / Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink / Bullet; PinkBullet; PinkBullet; Pink Attracted / Crush / Mate
Heart Love
Bullet; Black / Bullet; BlackBullet; Black / Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black Discomfort / Afraid of / Terrified
Death Dead/Missing

(Friends= automatically like)
(Like and Love isn't necessarily in a romantic way) 

{ Family }

[ Souma Akiyama - Father ] :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite:
 When his parents divorced, Haru was put under his mother’s care, thus separating him from his father. Even though his mom gave Souma permission to see his son, the relationship between the two was strained. His dad had to work a lot and there was little time to visit. When Souma moved to the city to go live there with his new girlfriend, Haru became pretty much alienated from his father. There’s still the occasional phone call, but the contact is awkward.

[ Rina Minami - Mother ]  :heart:
  Haru is definitely a momma’s boy and even though he’s 23, she still treats him like a little boy sometimes. Of all people he’s most attached to her.

[ Takashi Miyamoto -Stepfather ] :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :star:
 Haru is pretty okay with his stepfather, though there was the initial dislike of him butting into his and his mom’s little family, effectively taking some of her attention away from him. He’s a good man however and he did his best involving Haru into the new family. While he has grown fond of him, sometimes there’s still awkwardness between them. He was taught to call him ‘Papa’.

[ Nanami (Nami) Miyamoto - stepsister ]  :star: :bulletblack:
Nanami is three years younger than Haru and his biggest pest at the family home. Nami seems to take great joy in pestering him and trying to rile him up, making him avoid her as best as he can. When it comes down to it, she’s gonna kick your but if you hurt him. Apperently it’s something only she can do.

[ Takahiro (Taka) Miyamoto - stepbrother ]  :star: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :heart:
Two years younger than Haru, Taka still acts like the older brother. He’s the one that’s cheering Haru up when he’s down and pushing him to be a little more open and have fun. The two can often be found hanging out together.

[ Mei Ito ]  :bulletwhite:
Haru has only seen her once or twice. She holds no real interest in him and in return he holds no interest in her.

{ Pawsville }


|| Other ||

Extra information:
  • Has dyslexia.
  • Needs glasses. (myopia -5,25 and -5,50). He wears contacts (one-day disposables) during the day and glasses at night.
  • He doesn’t really like people looking at his art, afraid of their opinions. He gets flustered if someone comments on it, even if it’s a positive remark.
  • His writings are full of spelling mistakes.
  • He hopes to build a nice family in the future.
  • Respects the law and rules. Gets nervous when others don’t.
  • When angry, hurt or tired, he likes to seek comfort in his personal spaces.
  • He likes to decorate his room with stuff he likes. It isn’t your typical boy’s room.
  • Prone to colds and flu, especially during winter.
  • He’s insecure about a lot of stuff, including his body. He would like to be muscular build and tone, but he’s not. He covers up his body with his clothes and feels uncomfortable when he has to take them off (take the swimming pool for instance).
  • Not very strong, but fast. Can jump pretty high considering his height.
  • He has poor stamina and longer exercises leave him out of breath. He’d like to work on it, but feels uncomfortable with running in public. He has the feeling people are looking at him.
  • Thanks the earth for his food, before he eats. He switches between vegetarian and ‘normal’ diet out of respect to the animals. When eating meat he takes a moment to apologize to his brother/sister (aka the animal) on top off his normal thank-words.

Haru's memes:
  • none

|| Roleplay Information ||

[Time zone]  UTC/GMT +1/+2*
  * Please note that my country works with summer/winter time. For the exact time please check this website

[Role play availability]
:bulletgreen: Notes: Preffered
:bulletyellow: Skype: Maybe, but probably slow
:bulletorange:  Comments: Rather not*
:bulletred: Chat: Can't work with that, sorry
*maybe if provided with an artwork specifically for the RP

[Maturity level ] As long as he don't gets too traumatized/beat up, it's al right. Little heads-up though.

[Roleplay Example]
Taken from KrosFox

Mao rubbed his snout with his front paw. This was difficult. He wished he was a better teacher. "What... -uhm- what it feels like is entirely up to you. You are your own energy. It matches your being, emotions and so on. It's in motion and it can change entirely in time. It might feel different in different circumstances, but it is and always will be yours. So I cannot define how it is supposed to feel for you. However, you are still trying to concentrate on different parts of you. It does not work that way." Mao frowned slightly. How did you explain something, you didn't fully understand yourself?

Art and Haru by me
Reference sheet belongs to the group Happy-tails
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