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23/10/2017 - Guess who's back?
25/09/2017 - Eyrin is temporarily being retired~

.:: Basic Information ::.

Name || Eyrin
Age || 23 (Born early fall; 1677)
Gender || Stallion
Breed(s) || Belgian draft x Friesian x Quarter horse x Gypsy Vanner (and probably some other breeds, but that are the major ones)
Color || Brown Pangare Tobiano

Orientation || Unknown
Mate || -

Herd || Serora
Rank || Medicine horse

.:: Personal Information ::.


[ Emotional - Romantic -Impulsive ]
Eyrin is a pretty emotional horse and he shows those emotions readily. Most of his actions and decisions are led by his emotions as he has difficulty letting go off them and using logic as a sole guide.  He also feels the need to form emotional bonds with others, not shying away from showing physical affection. His ideas on how these bonds should be, are quite romantic and it can leave him a bit vulnerable in his approach. He always looks for the good in horses even if there might be little. Letting his emotions lead may cause him to act impulsively, making him do/say things in the heat of an emotion without really thinking about it. Eyrin will try shielding his emotions if he can if he thinks it's in favors of others though. Whether this is a good thing ofcourse is left to be seen...

[ Group-orientated - Caring - Dutiful  - Protective ]
The group he belongs to is of great importance to Eyrin. He will often put others before himself, feeling that without them he would have nowhere to belong. He finds great joy in the idea of serving the herd and will dutifully complete his given tasks. Without others to be with he’ll feel lost as he needs praise and recognition of others to function happily. He will go out of his way to befriend his herd members and sees no qualms in expanding the existing group. The more, the merrier. He cares a lot about those who pay him attention and give him friendship and love, so much that you might actually draw out a much darker and mean Eyrin if you tried messing with them.

[ Indecisive - Hesitant thinker - Modest ]
Eyrin is one indecisive horse, always wicking con and pros of even simple seeming decisions. Making important decisions freak him out and he will show evasive behavior when confronted with them, buying himself more time to think things through. If possible he will relay on others to make the decisions for him. He tends to prefer it that others take the lead in general things too. Though indecisive about ridiculous small things, he feels it's his duty to do what has to be done in order to serve the herd. This indecisiveness comes forth from having gotten into trouble by thinking for himself, so now he avoids to do so. While he has some wits going for him, he does not want to use them unless it is asked/expected from him. His rich inner thoughts and opinions are therefore mostly kept to himself. This may make him seem like a rather dumb horse to others. While he likes praise, he'll act modest especially must one comment on the rare moments he does share what goes on in that brain of his.

[ Clumsy  - Awkward - Imaginative ]
With Eyrin it's like sending an elephant through a porcelain shop. He is clumsy both physically and socially. Tripping, bumping into others, it’s all common from him. He does not always really get the social etiquette and can be a bit off at times, getting embarrassed in the process. His size and heavy built is the greatest cause of this, often misjudging his own strength and size, though his habit of turning into his own mind is also to blame. Eyrin has more than enough fantasy and can come up with unexpected ideas. On the other hand he can be unrealistic too and he is compelled to believe in things that are not there. He often spends time trying to picture things. Don’t get him too excited or tell him scary stuff or his imagination will take a run with him.

[ Optimistic - Lazy - Fun-loving ]
While knowing the harships of the land, Eyrin can be rather happy-go lucky sometimes. He prefers to be optimism, having long since observed that an optimistic mind set can go a long way. Hoping for the best and countering the somewhat more cynical inner voice of him with a positive one, is the way he works. He's also good in keeping up finding the fun, he loves having a good time with others and will try see the beauty in little things. This love for fun gives him a bit of a lazy streak though. However dutiful, if it's allowed he really enjoys having a good time, so if there's nothing asked from him, he'd rather goof off and do nothing at all.

[-|Likes and Dislikes|-]

Likes ||
+ Forming bonds
+ Not having to make a difficult choice
+ Sunset
+ Getting complimented/Receiving positive feedback
+ Being in friendly company

Dislikes ||
- Being spooked
- Sundown
- Snakes and all what looks like snakes
- Fire 
- Having to make hard decisions
- Being alone

.:: History ::.

As a Foal||
Eyrin was born into the Serora herd and has never known any different. His father was a hard worker and his mother more of a dreamy type. The stallion taught his son to love his herd and the mare taught him to roam free and enjoy himself. As a foal Eyrin was still rather open in doing things, going wherever he liked and choosing to test different things. This turned out to be a bad thing though when on day the foal went in against his parents teachings and wandered of on his own, wanting to inspect this curious slithering thing. When Eyrin gave the thing a playful kick the creature -a snake as he would later learn- bit down into the young colt's leg. Spooked Eyrin quickly turned back, but the snake had been a poisonous one and the venom now streamed through his veins, quickly making the young horse sick. He barely made it back, before it overtook him. Weeks passed in which Eyrin was terribly sick. In the end the venom did not kill him, but the damage had been done. The colt now obeyed every word, but he did also did not happily stray again.

Teenager ||
As Eyrin grew older, his parents saw how down their son had become. It was as if the sickness had never left his body, leaving him physically healthy, but with a broken will. In interest in getting him lively again, they thought it was in his best interest to have him seek a place for him in the herd. A goal would surely spark that waning flame again. As always Eyrin obeyed his parents wishes and tagged along with many different horses, testing different jobs. The motivation though was not there and it was soon clear that their plan was not working. It wasn't until another teen presented themselves in his life, that things changed. They were wounded and so Eyrin helped them out as much as he could. Though he had always dutifully done as his parents had taught, he had never felt good about it, until he helped this one out. That little moment changed how he looked at things and soon the teen smiled once more, now finding joy in serving others. He would learn how to help others, how to heal. He tagged along with the medicine horses, studying fervently to become one himself, so if the need arised he'd be able to truelly help those who needed it.

Young Adult ||
Eyrin is a medicine horse now and though he has still a long way to go and a lot to learn, he's very much enjoying his works. He hopes, in the feature he will be able to specialize in poisons and cures, so he can prevent others having going through the same thing as him when he was little. For now though he's happy, serving his herd.

  • 0: Born in Serora herd 
  • 8: Snake bite 
  • 8-9: Slowly heals from the poison; finally back healthy 
  • 13: Starts tagging along with different jobs
  • 15-16: Helps another wounded teen, the encounter changes his view 
  • 18: Becomes a full medicine horse  (397 summer)
  • Current: Has a rather quiet life, fullfilling his duties to his herd

.:: Familiar Information ::.

Name || Kiki
Age || 4 months
Gender || Female
Species || Sand cat

Personality || Playful | Needy | Wary | Noisy | Cuddly | Friendly

A kitten still, Kiki needs a lot of attention and she's not afraid of demanding it. If she knows you she will try and play with you, but if you're a stranger she'll be wary and stare at you from somewhere close and safe behind Eyrin. She's still rather helpless and gets tired soon, so she needs lots of sleep. She can be found riding on top of Eyrin or crawls into his saddle bags. She a real cuddler, probably Eyrin's doing as he keeps her close by all the time. When Eyrin is buzzy she always needs to know what's going on, there's no keeping her out of your business. Overall she is a friendly kitten.

The way we met ||
After the scouting trip during the drought, Eyrin ran into this little girl. He heard her mewling and found her completely dehydrated. He gave her some of her water supply and after finding the nest with no living kitten remaining thanks to the drought, Eyrin couldn't just leave her behind. He brought her along and presented her to one of the travelling merchants passing Osulas. When the merchant didn't want to take on such a needy and young kitten at the time, he requested she be uplifted and Eyrin took on the duty on raising the kitten himself after gaining the necessary information from the merchant.

.:: Relationships ::.


:bulletgreen:Close Friends
:bulletpink:One: Like; Two: Crush

(Friends= automatically like)
(Like and Love isn't necessarily in a romantic way)

[-| Family |-]

Feel free to suggest your horse! I'd love some family and even friends for him! Cousins and what not :D
Comment or note me and we can discuss and match stuff up ~

Father || :heart: :bulletyellow: || NPC

Mother || :heart: :bulletyellow: || NPC

Older sister || :heart: :bulletgreen: || NPC
They're close and Eyrin pretty much lets her order him around and she can do anything she wants. He's ridiculously patient and lenient with her. She is the one who makes sure his mane don't become a complete mess. If you see him walking around with his hair braided or tied up with ribbons, that's Alexa's doing. She also makes him hang out with her friends, so he's more used to hanging out with mares than stallions.

[-| The Serora herd |-]

None yet

.:: Other ::.

Fears ||
o Snakes
o The dark -(or rather what may lurk in it)
o Predators
o Anything you make sound scary

Facts ||
o Kind of a touchy-feely horse. He enjoys being groomed too.
o Can be a bit over-dramatic, thinking things have more impact than they actually have
o The stars calm him down at night, giving light in the dark, making things seem less dangerous
o His manes curl if they grow out longer, they also grow at a rather high rate.
o He can be a bit of a slob sometimes, having his manes stick everywhere.
o He's not fully grown yet, he'll be full size by age 24
o Needs his mane to be cut back at least once a year or they'll get in front of his eyes :') Again: they grow way fast.
o Though Ayla is their main goddess, Eyrin is most fond of Cascade. Reason for this is that her water saved his father after getting burned during a wild fire.

.:: Roleplay Information ::.

[Time zone]  UTC/GMT +1/+2*
 * Please note that my country works with summer/winter time. For the exact time please check this website

[Role play availability]
:bulletgreen: Notes: Preferred
:bulletyellow: Google Docs: Never done this before, but I am willing to try
:bulletyellow: Forum: Never done this, before but I'm willing to try
:bulletyellow: Skype: Maybe, but probably slow (it glitches)
:bulletorange:  Comments: Rather not*
:bulletred: Chat: Can't work with that, sorry
*maybe if provided with an artwork specifically for the RP

[Maturity level ] I'd like to be able to submit things in the group. Please don't up and traumatize/mangle my horse too badly.

[Roleplay Example]
Taken from KrosFox

Mao rubbed his snout with his front paw. This was difficult. He wished he was a better teacher. "What... -uhm- what it feels like is entirely up to you. You are your own energy. It matches your being, emotions and so on. It's in motion and it can change entirely in time. It might feel different in different circumstances, but it is and always will be yours. So I cannot define how it is supposed to feel for you. However, you are still trying to concentrate on different parts of you. It does not work that way." Mao frowned slightly. How did you explain something, you didn't fully understand yourself?

"Try not to puzzle different aspects of yourself together. There will always be pieces missing. They are unseen by yourself or just not discovered yet, therefore trying to piece things together will not work."
 Mao padded closer again, eying his sitting 'student' . "Now let's try it this way: close your eyes again and I want you to just feel. Try not to think. Just be calm and reach out. Don't panic and if you still don't get it just say it. I'll figure out another way." He smiled softly. It was strange to teach another aeniama, while he was still so young and inexperienced himself. He was acting and speaking in a way so unlike him. It was unsettling, but also thrilling.
 "You do remind me of Domino a little. I'm sure you'll be able to do it. Now, can you follow what I'm saying?"


Art and Eyrin by me me
Reference sheet belongs to the group Starborn-Alignment
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